Race coaching in a 1965 Ford GT40 (with onboard)

This ex-Shelby American Ford GT40, chassis #1018, is a special machine and one of very few GT40's competeting in historic racing today that is a truly original car.

Its lack of race history in period left it in great shape for a contemporary racing career that has scooped a win and multiple podiums at Goodwood and similar such blue ribbon historic race events. I've been lucky enough to have contributed to one of those from behind the wheel, and in doing so recorded the fastest ever lap by a GT40 at Goodwood. 

This car is prepared to perfection by Dean Lanzante's equipe in the UK and it is thanks to their quality that it has become a great work horse for it's owner and I to dig deep into some advance driver training. This film features perhaps the sixth or seventh such day we've done in the past year and a half and, in that time, the car's owner has leapfrogged his way from the latter half of the grid into the top six on a regular basis. He even finds himself rubbing door handles with the pros occasionally too, often coming out on top. 

I take little credit for this because he has been the dream pupil: making sure never to let too much time pass between outings, always arriving well rested and focused, and never afraid to invest in all the right tools for the job. It's certainly made my job an awful lot easier and we've had great fun in the process. I hope this film gives you a little snapshot into how a typical coaching day looks, and some sense of the extraordinary driving experience that is hustling a fifty year old GT40 around a race track. Enjoy and please comment and like (if so inclined)!